Tribute to Tribal 2012

Introducing Rubaq's tribute to tribal collection which reflects on Malaysia's roots and traditions.

As with all our work, all of the fabrics in this collection are produced by hand painted and mixed media batik techniques with masterful sohpistication and painstaking refinement. "Their exotic Mah Meri sophistication" genuinely speaks for itself. Rubaq's inspiration features the charms of the abroginal orang asli dwells at the foot hills of Cameron Highlands, Pahang and at Pulau Carey, Klang.

Their incredibly rustic yet simple stilt houses, arnomentations and indeginous handcraft items such as the woven pieces made from coconut husks, palms and bamboo as mats, fishing baskets, headgear and also wall coverings are simple yet perfectly adorned and rejuvinating for inspirations. With that, the Rubaq's Tribal batik collections inspires such articulate and wonderful treasures inspired by Malaysia's heritage for the modern and contemporary arts in life.