World of Rubaq

Rubaq brings fashion that is rich and exotic, yet trendy and versatile. The creative link of passion, imagination and self-expression is defined in our hand painted batik products. Rubaq opens its door in May 2012, housing hand painted batiks, resists textile and merchandise. Initiated by Assoc Prof Zaharah Ahmad Osman and her daughter Shazmin Kushairi - the duo expanded their horizon generating contemporary prints produced at their very 'in-house' batik studio.

Who are We

Rubaq Wardrobe

"Our collection exhibits a sophisticated upbeat note that will appeal across the age spectrum. Our inspirations and colour palettes portrays a feast of arty paints, from experimentation and creativity that involved in wax and tie-dye manipulation." Rubaq's wardrobe offers a gamut enchanting Malaysian roots and traditional heritage with a sporadic touch of ethnicity. With quintessential blend of traditional batik and resists textile process, Rubaq strive to make each batik piece uniquely interesting and impressive.