Prof Madya Zaharah Ahmad Osman

Co-Founder & Designer

Professor Madya Zaharah Ahmad Osman is the Co-Founder and designer of RUBAQ. Her expertise comes in three categories, which are Printed, Fibre and Resists Textile. Her passion for bright colours and earthy tones gave her the innovative approach to enhance her designs, using wax, and sourcing ideas from her own backyard surroundings.


Prof Madya Zaharah Ahmad Osman was a lecturer from UiTM for over 35 years. Her artwork was exhibited since the 1980s. She participated with several other Malaysian artisans, sponsored by National banks in Malaysia and the National Art Gallery. She was invited as a guest professor to participate in a cross cultural event in the University at Champaign Illinois, USA for two summers of 1984 and 1986. Thereafter in 1987, she represented Malaysia in an International Seminar on National dyes in Katmandu, Nepal, a project held with the United Development Programme. In the year 2007, she again represented Malaysia for an international event on Ethnoarchaelogy for South East Asian textile.

To own an exclusive piece from Zaharah's collection, is the experience to how innovative her hand painted batik prints are by uniqueness, quality and limited pieces.


"To our future generations, creating something out of nothing, because creativity is about making the complicated simple."
- Professor Zaharah.