Nur Shazmin Ahmad Kushairi


Shazmin Kushairi in her entrepreneur and accounting expertise, set up this boutique with her mother, who is the artisan behind the prints. Their initial intention of setting up Rubaq boutique was to tether batik fashion to personal style, free from all ulterior and commercial motives. But yet the intention has evolved uncovering the creative link of passion, imagination and self-expression that is defined in our hand painted batik products.


Shazmin Kushairi and her sisters were raised from young by their mother to appreciate this unique craft that is a dying art today. By understanding the mixed elements used from the resist textile, they seek to continue on this heritage to the next generation of artisans.


"Promoting batik is not about changing where the market leads or where the trend flows, but for Rubaq it is to sow the seeds of this heritage into other generations to be consciously aware of what this trade is about and how this craft is made, by learning to appreciate the whole process to a finished master piece leaning towards contemporary arts."
- Shazmin Kushairi